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Bob Garner is a humorous motivational speaker who actually has something to say!

Humorous Motivational Speaker

Finding a 
humorous motivational speaker who delivers real content is rare. Most funny motivational speakers are just that...funny. The flip side is the trainer who tells an occasional joke or shows a funny slide.

While the first 
funny speaker may be entertaining, he/she delivers little content leaving little impact on the audience. The trainer may have a laugh or two, but his/her presentation may lack the energy and excitement that you desire.

Providing your group with not only solid content, but also humor and entertainment throughout a presentation is what you want. Couple that with a totally customized presentation for your group... and you've got a winning combination. That's what you get with humorous motivational speaker
Bob Garner.

Corporations and associations audiences from Bangkok to Boston to Berlin have witnessed funny motivational speaker and entertaining keynote speaker Bob Garner's incredible ability to deliver usable business and motivational information, blended with phenomenal demonstrations of mind reading and ESP, magic, clean humor and polite audience participation.

While Bob is considered a magician motivational speaker or a mentalist motivational speaker , he just doesn't do an act and then throw in some information in the middle. Again, while that may be entertaining, it really lacks the impact that you want to give your group.

That's why Bob is a master at doing what he does!

As a 
humorous keynote speaker, Bob Garner works closely with you to make sure that he addresses your needs and concerns... all while he keeps your group laughing and having fun!

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Featured in the "Wall Street Journal" and other prestigious publications, Bob Garner is respected by his clients and the media as an expert on professional and personal development. Bob Garner is the best-selling author of books and motivational CDs that have inspired thousands. Bob's most recent work, "Blueprint for Success - Proven Strategies for Success and Survival," is a collaborative book featuring Bob, Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard and 9 other recognized experts of personal success.

In addition to appearing on a variety of radio and television talk shows around the world, Bob is a syndicated author, achieving Expert Author Status with - the premier leader in providing only the best articles to media outlets,as well as blogs, websites,and magazines.

His knowledge, research, and background as a successful entrepreneur for nearly 30 years, allows
funny speaker Bob Garner to provide content that means something to your audience. Your audience walks away not only being entertained, but also with information that they can immediately apply to their professional and personal lives. That's why Bob is one of the leading humorous motivational speakers.

Finally, Bob's
funny motivational speaker
blog also provides usable information and professional speaking tips, as well as a behind the scenes look at Bob at what he's doing.

Hopefully, instead of reading this, you have headed over to Bob's official corporate event entertainment site for more information, client testimonials, demos and more. However, if you are still here...

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Humorous Motivational Speaker • Humorous Motivational Speakers

We also wanted to mention two of Bob's other services. The first is Bob's amazing ability of keeping a meeting energized and flowing as one of the best funny corporate emcees in the business.

As a funny emcee, Bob knows how to add fun to your meeting or award's banquet. Take a look at Bob's funny mc video below:

As one of the top trade show magicians, Bob can draw a crowd to your booth, deliver your message and increase your trade show ROI. However, Bob is more than just a trade show magician. Bob is a trade show mentalist who delivers sophisticated entertainment.

Take a look at Bob's
trade show magician video below.

From this point down is a whole lot of links. So, just skip this part and go to Bob's official site. Here you will get specific information and online demos. Go to

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Trade Show Presenter - Corporate trade show presenter Bob Garner does more than just stand and talk. He generates excitement and energy while delivering your message. One of the leading corporate trade show presenters - with clients worldwide - is corporate trade show presenter Bob Garner. And if you're looking for a trade show presenter with a magic touch, than trade show presenter
Bob Garner is the perfect choice.

Corporate Master of Ceremonies - For Bob's news funny emcee and corporate master of ceremony site, you can go to the above. One of the best corporate funny mcs
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Are you looking for after dinner entertainment or an after dinner speaker that is not goofy and will delight your group? After dinner entertainment and after dinner speaker Bob Garner will add a "spark" of fun and astonishment to your event. Corporate party entertainment and casual pool side entertainment or casino night entertainment is great to provide your guests. From hospitality suite entertainment to awards banquet entertainment to funny emceescorporate entertainer Bob is the perfect choice as after dinner entertainers or after dinner speakers keynote funny... that was weird huh? No matter. Of all the after dinner entertainers an after dinner funny keynote speakers, Bob is the best.

Corporate Magician - Corporate magician, funny motivational keynote speaker and trade show magician Bob Garner knows how to add excitement and sophistication to your event. As a funny emcee or after dinner speaker or even a trade show mentalist or trade show presenter, Bob does good stuff. BTW - We know the link says "Paranormal Expert," but just forget about that - we will be changing that when the new domain comes up!

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